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christmas buffet daventry

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Little and Large

Serving great food for over 25 years.

Business Lunches
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Seen our vans? We deliver throughout the day, there's probably one near you now!

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Garages, shops and stores. Our quality is second to none.

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christmas buffet daventry


Christmas Buffet Lunches - Daventry
Sample Menu CLICK HERE - Pick and Mix your selection.

All our Christmas Buffets Lunches are beautifully presented and garnished on returnable platters.
Select a dish for a few people or a major conference.

A Classic Collection
Our standard fillings on sliced white and wholemeal and bite sized baguettes.

Our Executive Platter
Includes chicken, crayfish tails and smoked salmon

Our Vegetarian Platters
Includes vegetarian cheeses and sunflower spread

Our Seafood Platters
Includes smoke salmon, crayfish tails, tuna flakes and prawns

Bite Size Wraps
Flour tortilla or tomato flavoured. Choose from cheese, peppers, celery & onion, duck with hoi sin sauce, cajun flavoured chicken, egg mayo with bacon, tuna mayo with peppers, chicken caesar salad.

Savoury Dish 1
Consists of 3 flavours for each savoury. Looks great on the plate. All bite sized; cocktail quiche, assorted crolines, mini pizzas.

christmas buffet daventry
We have a solid reputation for consistent high quality, backed up by the local authority independently accrediting Little and Large as the highest possible 5 star rating ensuring very high standards of compliance with food safety legislation. We use only high quality ingredients and bake not fry our own produce.

christmas buffet daventry

christmas buffet daventry
Great Food for Over 25 Years
Little and Large Catering
4 High March Close
High March Industrial Estate, Daventry. NN11 4EZ

Telephone: 01327 878505
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